Easy cv boot

It’s is an Italian patent.

Unlike classic spare parts it allows you to replace the worn-out axle boot without removing any mechanical part.

Watch the video with assembly instructions

Made of special, extremely durable rubber CUFFIA FACILE (Easy Boot) is equipped with an innovative male/female opening system and a specific seam for gluing.
Thanks to its elasticity and design, it adapts to most CV joints and drive shafts of car manufacturers.


It is sold in a 2 piece kit containing:

  • 2 boots size ø 80mm or 2 boots size ø 90mm
  • 4 ties
  • 5gr of glue and 140gr of grease

Or a 1 piece kit containing:

  • 1 boot in either size - ø80mm/ø90mm
  • 2 ties
  • 5gr of glue and 70gr of grease


Use boot 80 for joints with a diameter up to 89 mm
Use boot 90 for joints with a diameter of more than 90 mm up to 110 mm


  • due to the special glue that fastens the two sides in less than 30 seconds, make sure to carry out the simple task of fitting the part as quickly as possible and in a comfortable position
  • Cuffia facile (Easy Boot) fits most axle shafts up to a diameter of about 29 mm, for axle shafts with a bigger diameter (very rare on cars) the boot may not close properly and become unusable

PLEASE NOTE: NEVER use glue that is different from the one provided in the kit, if a different glue is used Hippored cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the product.